The Z-line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk Reviews

The Z-line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk is known for its elegant look. Even though it might look like its fragile, it can prove you wrong with its sturdy design. It has steel frames at its joint to give a bold finish. There is a keyboard tray present over the surface panel, which can be readily reversed. It comes packed with a great value and it durable. The lack of drawer space gives you extra room to have a clean space, which gives a fresh and clutter-free look to your setup. It can be a good gaming desk offering you a lot of benefits.

Gaming Computer Desk
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  • The desk comes at a good value.
  • The glass design gives it a premium look and it just amplifies the look of the entire room it is in.
  • The surface panel can be easily reversed.
  • The desk is very durable.


  • There is no extra storage space to keep your supplies.
  • The glass material of the desk might not be the best option.
  • The wiring can be very prominent with the glass.

The Verdict:

The Z-line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk stands as a good choice and it looks exceptional with its design. Except for no storage space available and the material build, which can look fragile, it is a good choice to consider to make for a good gaming desk and it definitely comes at a good value.

The design and look

The desk raves about its style and modern look. The L-shape of the desk can be very efficient and gives you a lot of space to work around. The glass comes with a tempered material, which makes it resistant to scratches and more wear and tear. The clear finish of the desk makes for a good and fresh looking desk. It is lightweight and looks a bit fragile but it is super bold and durable. You can readily use this desk to have a good gameplay. If you are hunting for a desk space that boosts the look of your room and simultaneously provides you with a prominent and useful working and gaming space, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Easy access and functionality

The stylish desk comes with a pull out glass shelf and a drawer, it can be used to keep the keyboard and mouse for usage. And you can simply slide it under when it is not in use. The glass shelf can be used to keep the monitor up and it can be very effective in terms of functionality. The desk can be easily assembled without any hurdles with the instruction manual. It will be up and running in no time for you to have a hardcore gaming session on your new gaming setup. Even though it does not come with extra storage space, it ensures that your desk remains clutter-free without all the extra supplies and things that could ruin the look of the desk.

Unique features

It comes with an L-shaped design which can be very effective for providing a good amount of space to work around. And it can be positioned on the corner of your room easily. This desk ensures that you can move around easily without any hurdles. In case of normal desks, you might have to come across other stuff on the way to get your work done or in case you need something and it is far away from your reach. Owing to the bold construction and build of this desk, it can be very reliable with its quality and it can hold a good amount of load. If you are looking for a desk that ensures you with quality, space, and support, then this desk might be a good consideration.

The Desk setup space

The setup comes equipped with a black powder coat finish which protects the desk from rusting away. The desk looks superb with its minimalist approach of design. The corner of the desk can be used to keep a printer for easy access. The shape and build of the desk look completely elegant, owing to the glass feature. It can be used to flaunt the design of the whole desk without having to break a sweat. You can enjoy the leg room and move about without any worries. And it comes to be of a great addition to enhance the look of the room. Along with its comfortable space, you can be assured to have an immersive gaming experience.

The Final Verdict

The Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped desk can be a good choice for a gaming desk. It offers a great design with assured quality, space, and functionality. Read along through the Z-line Belaire Glass L-shaped desk reviews to know more about this amazing desk with a modern taste.


The Little Tree 67” L-shaped Desk Reviews

The Little Tree 67” L-shaped Desk can stand as a good option for a desk that provides space and support. The design of the desk is very unique and does not look compact. It can be a definite choice for gamers. The desk has space to keep your extra supplies for storage. It is very efficient in functionality and can offer a good space for gaming. If you are looking for an all-around desk which can satisfy all your requirements, then this might be the perfect gaming desk for you.


  • The desk raves about its premium look.
  • It is made up of good materials.
  • The desk provides good space to move around.
  • The design of the desk looks great.


  • The alignments of the holes can be a little troubling while you are setting it up.

The Verdict:

The Little Tree 67” L-shaped Desk is a good choice if you are looking for an organized gaming space with storage options. You can keep your extra supplies in the space provided. The desk looks great and can be a definite choice for a gaming desk that can improve your gaming experience without having to compromise with space.

The quality design

The desk comes in three parts. You can switch between the tables as per your requirement. If you want to have a gameplay space separate from the workspace, then this would work great for you. It can readily meet a number of your demands while simultaneously providing a lot of space. It comes with a reversible part of the L-desk. The desk also comes with open shelves which are in 2 parts. You can adjust its height as per your wish and there is a CPU holder with it, which makes up for easy access. The desk is really spacious with enough leg room to move about without any hurdles. This makes it a prominent choice for a gaming desk.

The premium build

The desk is made up of premium materials, which gives it an elegant look. It comes with a glossy finish which makes it easier for you to clean up in case you spill something over. The desk can be adjusted for different heights and there is thick paneling which protects the floor from scratches. It can be easily assembled with the help of the given materials and instruction set. There are anti-slip pads which ensure that the desk does not wobble. If you want quality assurance, then this desk definitely lives up to your expectations. It is made up of E1 class particle board along with smooth and perfect edges. The desk comes up a finish that readily protects it from corroding.

The Support

The desk gives a refreshing look to the look. It comes with a big spacious zone where dual monitors can easily fit. It provides enormous space to do anything around without having to compromise with any of the space available. The desk is very sturdy and can support most of your supplies easily. And the desk ensures that even with the extra load, it does not end up wobbling. If you are looking for an effective setup which provides quality support without any compromises, then this might be the one for you. Forget about the compact spaces where you need to adjust according to the setup, this desk provides you with the freedom to move about on your own and get access to the nearest things easily without any hurdles.

The Perfect Setup

The L-shaped desk can be used as the perfect gaming setup as well for professional work. It comes to be an all-in-one desk which can be used for multiple purposes. There are leg pads present on the floor which can be adjusted according to your height for any uneven grounds. Get easy access to your supplies and don’t worry about not having enough space to move about. A good setup can enhance your gaming experience without any hindrance. And this desk makes sure that you can have an immersive gameplay with a good amount of space and functionality. The L-shape of the desk provides it more of an edge to be more efficient. It gives you more leg space to move around and hence, improves your performance in a gameplay.

The Final Verdict

The Little Tree 67” L-shaped Desk can be a good consideration for a gaming setup. It provides enough space to be comfortable around and there is space available for extra storage options. This makes it stand out from most of its competitors in the same range and can be a good choice for the perfect gaming desk. Go through the Little Tree 67” L-shaped Desk reviews to make an informed decision. Get to know about all the details and distinct features.